Seared Swordfish – Table Talk

Quick and easy food doesn’t have to mean ready made, even after a hectic Monday.  Perhaps I am an oddity but there is something wonderfully calming about coming home and cooking.  Yes, I turn into a stressy mess at times, but there is real enjoyment in there too.

As I’ve mentioned before we order an awful lot of meat from Muscle Food (its easy and there isn’t enough time in the weekend to hunt our own/find a butchers), on our first order we added swordfish and juicy tuna steaks – something I’ve never cooked but always loved.  Since our first swordfish session we were hooked, and I always keep things subtle, it’s too delicious to overpower.

To let the fish take centre stage I made an accompaniment of onions, potatoes, peppers and MUSHROOMS.  Not just a few, oh no, a field of mushrooms.  We like our mushrooms.  When there was 6 or so minutes to go asparagus was laid across the top and my trusty One Size Fits All lid (from Aldi, in the Everything You Ever Needed aisle)  popped on top to let the steam do it’s thing.


Now for the main beast.

Swordfish Sicilian style is how we like ours.  Lightly griddled on each side (7 minutes total max) and topped with a delicious and simple dressing of 2 tablespoons olive oil, juice of half a lemon, 1 tablespoon of fresh parsley, 2 crushed garlic gloves, salt, pepper and a dash of chilli flakes.  Simply whisk together and pour over the steaks.  This time we wanted something a little extra so I threw in a handful of prawns.


Verdict: 4 table legs our of 5.  This has a solid place in our meal repertoire, my only complaint about the steaks is that there is always one steak almost half the size of the other which is frustrating.  That aside the steaks themselves are incredibly tasty and oh so very versatile.

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