Birthday Brunching

It was my twenty-something birthday last Thursday.  Happy Birthday to me and all that jazz.  I didn’t get to wear a crown (a tradition) as my last crown snapped and there was no time to buy a new one; plus I managed to convince myself Tall Hungry One was going to surprise me with one, he did not mainly because he doesn’t believe in buying me surprises – smart man.

More proof he is a smart man: my Birthday brunch. Spoiler alert, there were two courses and champagne.

Round one:


A classic combo of bacon, avocado and eggggggs.  Look at those Burford Browns yolks, deliciously golden.

Round 2:


If I were a Von Trapp I’d be singing “My Favourite Things”.  But I’m not, so I’ll list the contents of this bowl instead:





Oh sweet honey, the golden nectar of stripey bodied Gods.  Pour it on everything, everything I tell you.

It was the best start to a three day celebration…

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  1. Kaya Pook says:

    Honey makes everything better


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