Spicy Noodle Soup – A Table For One

I have been battling a cold lately that just won’t budge.  It knocked me under the duvet for two days last week and has been threatening to make a reappearance all week.  So far mental strength and Lemsip has kept it at bay.  But tonight food was the medicine of choice.

Five weeks after I moved out and down to London I fell what I would describe as desperately and deathly ill, the Doctor told me to rest, so I wrote a will.  After four days rubbing Vicks on my own back using a contraption I built out of a hanger, a deodorant bottle, the dustpan brush and a whole roll of sellotape, my dear flatmate coaxed me out of my room to the living room floor.  Here she served me a huge bowl of hot, delicious and blow your head off spicy Laksa soup.  For all the time we lived together this became her go to dish whenever illness struck me down once more, so there was only one dish I knew I could turn to in these desperate times.

But I couldn’t trust myself to recreate something I love so much without risking shattering all the illusion of cold curing magic.  In this moment I turned to Wendy Rowe’s ‘Eat Beautiful‘ and discovered her recipe for a Spicy Noodle Soup with Tofu.  I opted to switch the tofu for king prawns as I am not a huge tofu fan (read: I do not like tofu).


You know it’s good for you when you start with a chopping board of the freshest and brightest ingredients.


You’ll need to chop everything roughly and whack into a blender with a good tablespoon of coconut oil – I also added a spoonful or two of vegetable stock as it was a little too dry.  There are no photos of this part as Tall Hungry One called and I got distracted.

One you have a paste, cook it over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes, until delicious fragrant.  Pour in 400ml of coconut water and 250ml of vegetable stock (I used a mix of vegetable and chicken stock because sometimes I like to shake things up a little).  Leave to simmer.

Meanwhile slice oyster (I used breakfast) mushrooms thinly and add to a clean pan with some coconut oil – remember a little goes a long way.  Just as they are ready toss in some sugar snap peas sliced in half.  Add the prawns, mushrooms, sugar snap peas and noodles to the spicy soup.


Did you say…noodles?

Wendy Rowe recommends using Udon, I would back this up.  However, I forgot we had some in the cupboard and spotted something new so naturally bought them.


Barenaked noodles, they’re low in calories, an fat. Win win.  I wouldn’t recommend them in this recipe though, they’re a little too watery.  But they worked in a noodle way.

Stir everything and allow everything to heat through, pour into a bowl and top with coriander and chopped chilli.


I feel better already.


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