Korean Treats – Friday Feasts

Tall Hungry One arrived home today after two weeks away, unfortunately my train was seriously delayed and someone had forgotten the keys so by the time we got inside the romantic reunion was somewhat fraught.

Straight to the gin cupboard.  Peace restored.

Following on from our Mexican Fiesta a few weeks ago I decided to take a trip East for culinary inspiration.  I quickly WhatsApp’d my Korean friend and asked for advice.  She quickly reeled of countless dishes and recipe suggestions.

I settled on a menu of Korean chicken wings followed by beef Bulgogi.

As has been previously documented, I am not the calmest of cooks, to remedy this I began preparing 24 hours early.  The beef was set to marinate and the wings prepped and left to dry in the fridge.

For the Bulgogi, grate one apple and one Asian pear into a large bowl, it smells delicious and looks like this – seriously fruity.


Add a LOT of soy sauce, some sesame seeds, minced garlic (6 cloves – heaven), minced ginger, chopped onion (white and spring), sesame oil and a spoonful of sugar.


Mix thoroughly the drop in the steaks, I used 2 sirloin (Muscle Foods to the rescue again).


For the chicken wings, prep a wire rack by smothering on some vegetable oil.  Whisk two egg whites, baking soda, salt and pepper in a bowl then add the wings.  Stir until fully coated then lay across the racks.  Pop in the fridge uncovered to dry.


In the next 24 hours do whatever takes your fancy.  I went to work, but each to their own.

When it’s time to feast, pre-heat the oven to 240 Celsius and pop the wings (remember, you left them in the fridge to dry out…)  into the oven for 10 minutes.

Boil some rice – I’d recommend sushi rice, use the same recipe as I did for the sushi bowl (if you want to that is).

After 10 minutes turn the wings, be aware a lot of steam will be produced – so don’t run across the living room screaming “There’s a fire!” and nearly spill your gin.

Mix together a dipping sauce with soy sauce, apple juice, grated ginger, crushed garlic, toasted sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds, chilli flakes and a shallot.


Once the wings have been devoured you can crack on with the Bulgogi as the rice should be ready.  Slice some sugar snap peas and pile into a bowl with the rice.  Cook the steaks as rare as you dare (3 mins per side for us, nice and pink in the middle) allow to sit then slice away.

There is a lot of sauce left over from the marinade, I heated it through and poured over the top.



Chicken wings: 3 table legs out of 5 – They were cooked well and left juicy, however I would have preferred more flavour in the coating.  I have been desperate to make chicken wings for so long but hate the idea of frying them, this is a definite ‘will try again’ recipe. The dipping sauce was delicious.

Bulgogi: 4 table legs out of 5 – THE WINNER. As I made the marinade I was extremely dubious, I’ve never grated so much fruit for a dish!  But it paid off immensely.  We both absolutely love the bowls and Tall Hungry One was extremely grateful there was enough for a second helping.

Recipes were taken from Food 52: Korean Style Chicken Wings & Beef Bulgogi


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