Cracking Korma – A Yogurt Free Indian Night

On Friday Tall Hungry One and I introduced a new member to our small family, a Hungarian Vizsla puppy named Duke.  We drove two and a half hours to pick up this ginger, whirlwind of energy and teeth on a wedding induced hangover supported by coffee and pure adrenaline. For 24 hours he slept, he wee’d. he slept, he ate everything he could get his teeth on, and we did none of the above.

Before we knew what had happened it was Saturday evening and all we wanted to eat was a damned curry.

I craved nothing more than a plate heaped with basmati rice and smothered in saucy chicken.  Tall Hungry One nodded enthusiastically at the idea, or as enthusiastically as one can after a sleepless night and the fourth wee mop of the afternoon.

I have never been a curry lover, when takeaways are mentioned I will shy away from the Indian menu and thrust a Thai/Chinese/Japanese/pizza menu under the nose of whoever is closest to me.  You see, I can’t have yoghurt and it seems to be used everywhere in Indian takeaways, and quite often snuck into many traditional recipes which don’t call for the dairy devil.

After reading and searching and googling I came across an easy looking Korma recipe with no yoghurt – hallelujah! The substitute is fromage frais (I know, it’s odd, I can eat fromage frais but not yoghurt but hey ho! that’s how it goes).

The recipe comes from Delicious magazine which I have become a ridiculous fan of, I’m starting to bore myself with my reliance on it for recipes and cooking ideas – so please if anyone can help shake me out of my rut, send your suggestions through!

Now to the food.

Is there anything more inspiring or exciting than a chopping board covered in fresh ingredients? Perhaps one or two things, but it’s still up there in the top 10.


And when I say this is a simple meal I mean truly simple, like prep, cook and eat without waking a sleeping puppy simple.

Chop a red onion, add to pan for 2 mins; crush three garlic gloves, add the the pan with the onions for 2 mins; throw in chopped chicken breasts, brown all over; add cumin, garam masala, coat the chicken and cook for a little longer; add the fromage frais and chicken stock, almonds (the recipe calls for ground, I used flaked with a teaspoon of cornflour for thickening) and mangetout then cover for 10 mins.



This no-yoghurt-all-joy Korma was well and truly devoured at our dining table, it was saucy, filling and tasted oh so clean.  Plus it fueled us through another night of puppy crying and toilet trips.

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