Behind the Bride – Introduction

Three and a bit months ago Tall Hungry One made the monumental decision to buy a pricey piece of jewellery, have a serious chat with my Dad, cover our balcony in candles and lights, and ask me the most important question a man could ask apart from “poached eggs or scrambled?”

Since then our calendars have been geared towards February 2018 and, arguably, the most important 24 hours in our lives (so far…).
Just 24 hours, that’s 1440 minutes, yet it takes just under 12 months of organization, planning and preparation.

We have searched for venues, met with a vicar, tasted cake, held meeting with a photographer, picked over menus, googled flowers, researched readings, and questioned more than once whether we should just get it over and done with.

Given what a huge part of our lives this has become I’ve decided to include all the prep and panic in my corner of the internet. I’ll include all the pitfalls of planning, the family politics, as well as the ups and downs of prepping for a military wedding when you live over 200 miles apart, all alongside the ongoing debate of whether or not the dog will be guest of honour…

So before we say I do, there’s a hell of a lot of “no ways”, “that is a must” and “no, you do not need Diptyque candles on each table, we do not need a signature wedding scent”.

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  1. How exciting! Will look forward to your journey!


    1. LottiAsbury says:

      Thanks! As hectic as it’s been so far it’s great fun 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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