New to the book shelf

Cooking for one is considerably less fun. Nobody is there to mock my onion tears, nobody complains about the amount of kitchen utensils I use for the simplest of dishes, nobody calms me down when I have a mid-bake breakdown. There’s just me. And the Kardashians but they don’t tend to notice what I’m doing. 

It’s been 5 weeks since Tall Hungry One and Duke moved to the other side of the country and as much as I swore I’d keep cooking and partaking in culinary experiments, I’ve well and truly slipped into lazy-ville recently. Desperate to inject some excitement into my evening meals I jollied over to a book shop (read: clicked on Amazon Prime) and randomly searched for books to light the fire of my stove. 

I deviated from my usual British/homely fares and reached for three brand new genres. 

First up:

Red Rooster Harlem Cookbook

Who can say no to chicken? Apart from the obvious. If a stranger walked towards you with deliciously crisp chicken wings and offered you a plateful you are lying through your hat, socks and scarf if you say you’d respond with a gentle “oh, none for me thanks”. 

This is more of a long love letter to cooking with stories and secrets shared throughout. The photography is honest, a “this is what your food looks like, now eat it” style less than a glamour shot. 

Eat. Live. Go. 

Based around genuinely quick cooking and food that will make you feel alive, I’m hoping Eat. Live. Go brings back some spark. It’s season change-over so everyone is feeling a little lethargic, I’m trying to emerge into summer but with so much damned pollen it’s hard to do so gracefully. Summer colds are doing the rounds and I’m just so darned tired. Here’s hoping a few of these green recipes will do the trick. 

Breddos Taco: The Cookbook

Taco taco taco! Delish. Show me a non-taco eater and I’ll show you a future taco fan. You just need to meet/eat the right one and all will be well. 

I repeatedly attempt to make “the best ever” tacos and repeatedly fall at the hurdle, there is an art form there I am yet to master.  With so many recipes, ideas and lick-the-page good looking photos, I’m fairly certain this is the missing link in my taco tutelage. 

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