Thai Chicken Burgers with THE SECOND BEST SLAW – A Table For One

I didn’t waste any time at all and jumped straight into Eat. Live. Go. with Thai Chicken Burgers with Coriander Slaw.

First thing I’ll say, this recipe is radically easier if you have a food processor that’s bigger than a thimble, hand mincing chicken is not a fun Monday evening task. Ultimately though, it was very much worth the slicing and chopping and cutting and chopping.


First, lay everything out on a chopping board and marvel at the colours. Always start with a rainbow, you’ll feel the glow inside.

Then put half of this to one side, you’ll need that in a bit.

Chop the chilli, some coriander and garlic then throw into the food processor, blitz until you have something resembling a paste. Chop the chicken and bang into the food processor.

If you’re like me and only own a food processor fit for mushing the smallest of ingredients, mince your chicken by hand.  Either way, add fish sauce and the finely chopped spring onions then mix until smooth, or as smooth as your hand minced chicken will allow.


Grab small handfuls and flatten into burgers, pop on a plate and leave to rest.


My mix made five (as you can see) the original recipe calls for double the amount of each ingredient I used so you should get eight if made to the original measurements.

Now time for the slaw. Oh slaw, made well you make every meal a dish ready for a king. Tall Hungry One makes a cracking bowl of slaw, I’ve never requested the recipe as to me it’s something only he makes, so I leave it with him safe in the knowledge whatever slaw I make will be second best.

Shred the cabbage and the carrots, chop the coriander, add the mayo and a good dollop of sriracha.


Shall we just had a quick zoom in on that?



Now, heat your favoured oil (coconut for me) in a frying pan over a medium heat. Once hot add the chicken burgers – carefully, they don’t hold their shape as well as beef – and cook on each side for about 4 minutes.

And there you have it. Pop everything on a plate and indulge. I saved my remaining three for lunches this week, I am learning to be an adult and it is marvellous.


Original recipe taken from: Eat. Live. Go – Donal Skehan.

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